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Operating system compatibility

We recommend installing OpenSearch on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Debian-based Linux distributions that use systemd, such as CentOS, Amazon Linux 2, and Ubuntu Long-Term Support (LTS). OpenSearch should work on most Linux distributions, but we only test a handful. We recommend RHEL 7 or 8, CentOS 7 or 8, Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, or 20.04 for any version of OpenSearch.

Avoid using a network file system for node storage in a production workflow. Using a network file system for node storage can cause performance issues in your cluster due to factors such as network conditions (like latency or limited throughput) or read/write speeds. You should use solid-state drives (SSDs) installed on the host for node storage where possible.

Java compatibility

The OpenSearch distribution for Linux ships with a compatible Adoptium JDK version of Java in the jdk directory. To find the JDK version, run ./jdk/bin/java -version. For example, the OpenSearch 1.0.0 tarball ships with Java 15.0.1+9 (non-LTS), OpenSearch 1.3.0 ships with Java (LTS), and OpenSearch 2.0.0 ships with Java 17.0.2+8 (LTS). OpenSearch is tested with all compatible Java versions.

OpenSearch Version Compatible Java Versions Bundled Java Version
1.0 - 1.2.x 11, 15 15.0.1+9
1.3.x 8, 11, 14
2.0.0 11, 17 17.0.2+8

To use a different Java installation, set the OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variable to the Java install location. For example:

export OPENSEARCH_JAVA_HOME=/path/to/opensearch-2.0.1/jdk