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Use the download command to select which OpenSearch distribution version to download.


The following example downloads OpenSearch version 2.7.0:

opensearch-benchmark download --distribution-version=2.7.0 

Benchmark then returns the location of the OpenSearch artifact:

  "opensearch": "/Users/.benchmark/benchmarks/distributions/opensearch-2.7.0.tar.gz" 


Use the following options to customize how OpenSearch Benchmark downloads OpenSearch:

  • --provision-config-repository: Defines the repository from which OpenSearch Benchmark loads provision-configs and provision-config-instances.
  • --provision-config-revision: Defines a specific Git revision in the provision-config that OpenSearch Benchmark should use.
  • --provision-config-path: Defines the path to the --provision-config-instance and any OpenSearch plugin configurations to use.
  • --distribution-version: Downloads the specified OpenSearch distribution based on version number. For a list of released OpenSearch versions, see Version history.
  • --distribution-repository: Defines the repository from where the OpenSearch distribution should be downloaded. Default is release.
  • --provision-config-instance: Defines the --provision-config-instance to use. You can view possible configuration instances using the command opensearch-benchmark list provision-config-instances.
  • --provision-config-instance-params: A comma-separated list of key-value pairs injected verbatim as variables for the provision-config-instance.
  • --target-os: The target operating system (OS) for which the OpenSearch artifact should be downloaded. Default is the current OS.
  • --target-arch: The name of the CPU architecture for which an artifact should be downloaded.
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