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Dead-letter queues

Data Prepper pipelines support dead-letter queues (DLQs) for offloading failed events and making them accessible for analysis.

As of Data Prepper 2.3, only the s3 source supports DLQs.

Configure a DLQ writer

To configure a DLQ writer for the s3 source, add the following to your pipeline.yaml file:

          bucket: "my-dlq-bucket"
          key_path_prefix: "dlq-files/"
          region: "us-west-2"
          sts_role_arn: "arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/dlq-role"

The resulting DLQ file outputs as a JSON array of DLQ objects. Any file written to the S3 DLQ contains the following name pattern:


The following information is replaced in the name pattern:

  • version: The Data Prepper version.
  • pipelineName: The pipeline name indicated in pipeline.yaml.
  • pluginId: The ID of the plugin associated with the DLQ event.


DLQ supports the following configuration options.

Option Required Type Description
bucket Yes String The name of the bucket into which the DLQ outputs failed records.
key_path_prefix No String The key_prefix used in the S3 bucket. Defaults to "". Supports time value pattern variables, such as /%{yyyy}/%{MM}/%{dd}, including any variables listed in the Java DateTimeFormatter. For example, when using the /%{yyyy}/%{MM}/%{dd} pattern, you can set key_prefix as /2023/01/24.
region No String The AWS Region of the S3 bucket. Defaults to us-east-1.
sts_role_arn No String The STS role the DLQ assumes in order to write to an AWS S3 bucket. Default is null, which uses the standard SDK behavior for credentials. To use this option, the S3 bucket must have the S3:PutObject permission configured.

When using DLQ with an OpenSearch sink, you can configure the max_retries option to send failed data to the DLQ when the sink reaches the maximum number of retries.


DLQ supports the following metrics.


  • dlqS3RecordsSuccess: Measures the number of successful records sent to S3.
  • dlqS3RecordsFailed: Measures the number of records that failed to be sent to S3.
  • dlqS3RequestSuccess: Measures the number of successful S3 requests.
  • dlqS3RequestFailed: Measures the number of failed S3 requests.

Distribution summary

  • dlqS3RequestSizeBytes: Measures the distribution of the S3 request’s payload size in bytes.


  • dlqS3RequestLatency: Measures latency when sending each S3 request, including retries.

DLQ objects

DLQ supports the following DLQ objects:

  • pluginId: The ID of the plugin that originated the event sent to the DLQ.
  • pluginName: The name of the plugin.
  • failedData : An object that contains the failed object and its options. This object is unique to each plugin.
  • pipelineName: The name of the Data Prepper pipeline in which the event failed.
  • timestamp: The timestamp of the failures in an ISO8601 format.
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