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Common issues

This page contains a list of common issues and workarounds.

Java error during startup

You might see [ERROR][c.a.o.s.s.t.OpenSearchSecuritySSLNettyTransport] [opensearch-node1] SSL Problem Insufficient buffer remaining for AEAD cipher fragment (2). Needs to be more than tag size (16) when starting OpenSearch. This problem is a known issue with Java and doesn’t affect the operation of the cluster.

OpenSearch Dashboards fails to start

If you encounter the error FATAL Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms during startup, try running OpenSearch Dashboards on a more powerful machine. We recommend four CPU cores and 8 GB of RAM.

Encryption at rest

The operating system for each OpenSearch node handles encryption of data at rest. To enable encryption at rest in most Linux distributions, use the cryptsetup command:

cryptsetup luksFormat --key-file <key> <partition>

For full documentation on the command, see the Linux man page.

Can’t update by script when FLS, DLS, or field masking is active

The security plugin blocks the update by script operation (POST <index>/_update/<id>) when field-level security, document-level security, or field masking are active. You can still update documents using the standard index operation (PUT <index>/_doc/<id>).

Illegal reflective access operation in logs

This is a known issue with Performance Analyzer that shouldn’t affect functionality.

Multi-tenancy issues in OpenSearch Dashboards

If you’re testing multiple users in OpenSearch Dashboards and encounter unexpected changes in tenant, use Google Chrome in an Incognito window or Firefox in a Private window.