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Common REST parameters

OpenSearch supports the following parameters for all REST operations:

Option Description Example
Human-readable output To convert output units to human-readable values (for example, 1h for 1 hour and 1kb for 1,024 bytes), add ?human=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?human=true
Pretty result To get back JSON responses in a readable format, add ?pretty=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?pretty=true
Content type To specify the type of content in the request body, use the Content-Type key name in the request header. Most operations support JSON, YAML, and CBOR formats. POST _scripts/<template_name> -H 'Content-Type: application/json
Request body in query string If the client library does not accept a request body for non-POST requests, use the source query string parameter to pass the request body. Also, specify the source_content_type parameter with a supported media type such as application/json. GET _search?source_content_type=application/json&source={"query":{"match_all":{}}}
Stack traces To include the error stack trace in the response when an exception is raised, add error_trace=true to the request URL. GET <index_name>/_search?error_trace=true