Upgrading Log-Analytics Clusters to OpenSearch

Join Amitai Stern at the Real-Time Analytics Summit for the session “Upgrading Log-Analytics Clusters to OpenSearch”

Here at Logz.io, the open-source observability and security company, we manage observability data for over 1300 companies in highly scalable multi-cloud deployments. With the Elasticsearch license changes of 2021 we needed to migrate to an open-source platform, and OpenSearch was where we were going to contribute and what we wanted to run in production.

Many equate upgrading to OpenSearch from Elasticsearch in production as changing the tires on a moving bus. Upgrading has many risks, and if the cluster is in continuous production use, ingesting terabytes of data daily, the risks can seem overbearing.

In this talk, we will cover multiple upgrade strategies, including version requirements, and their pros and cons. Additionally, we will cover a different option, which is the way we, at Logz.io, upgraded all our clusters to OpenSearch without significant extra costs while minimizing risk. Not only did we upgrade to OpenSearch, but we also migrated our AWS workloads to Graviton2 instances.


Wednesday 26 April 2023 1:30pm

Join RTA-Summit 2023 conference in San Francisco, CA