FOSS Backstage & FOSS Backstage Design

March 4 & 5 - FOSS Backstage The OpenSearch Project is a main partner at this year’s FOSS Backstage; The two day conference dedicated to everything related to FOSS governance and open collaboration. Be sure to stop by our booth. We’re looking forward to seeing the open-source community this year in Berlin!

March 6 - FOSS Backstage Design As part of the week FOSS Backstage Design will take a deep dive into UX Design in FOSS. On March 6th, Aparna Sundar will be giving a talk Increasing the human element in open source software where she will share her experience about building open source software while maintaining a good balance of community input. Come discuss the ways in which software engineers or developers, designers, community and product managers can adopt and incorporate research practices in software design.


Wednesday 6 March 2024 10:00am

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