AWS User Group Singapore - 2024-04-03

Save the Date for an Exciting AWS Meetup!

Get ready to add an amazing and insightful AWS special meetup to your calendar happening on Wednesday, 3 April 2024, at the fabulous AWS Singapore Office!

Three exciting topics including:

Common pitfalls in OpenSearch and Data analytics tooling usability” by Senior Researcher, AWS - Aparna Sundar, PhD

In this session, we will discuss common pitfall of usability and accessibility that AWS analytics customers commonly face. Apart from low-code usability such as curated experiences of dashboards, Q-experience (AI/ML), or data plane curations that our users need to enable for their users across AWS services, we will address the importance of a robust design system, prioritization of accessibility, curated experiences and it’s usability, how to structure information architecture across various data services and more importantly is there a common thread across AWS analytics that allows us to define the common denomination for all things data.

This topic would appeal to the subject matter experts of both time series and warehouse data analytics to discuss predicable customer use cases that makes navigating the domain of data analytics on the cloud seamless, intuitive and productive.

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Wednesday 3 April 2024 5:00pm

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