Berlin Buzzwords 2024 - Rediscover your keyword search - Expand, Enrich and Rewrite

Berlin Buzzwords 2024 - Rediscover your keyword search: Expand, Enrich and Rewrite

Praveen Mohan Prasad & Hajer Bouafif

This presentation discusses about advanced methods to enhance keyword search by leveraging machine learning and large language models. The techniques involve utilising sparse models for document and query expansion, implementing metadata enrichment for text and images, and incorporating query rewriting using Large Language models. Through a live demonstration on a retail search scenario, we will illustrate how these approaches provide more relevant results by addressing the challenges of keyword search, such as vocabulary mismatches, unmatched queries against document attributes, and non-contextual search. The goal is to empower your existing keyword search system with semantic search capabilities without totally transforming to a costly and un-explainable, dense vector search system.


Monday 10 June 2024 2:30pm

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