Meet the OpenSearchCon 2022 Speakers

Session Speakers

Analytics, Observability, and Security
Operating OpenSearch

Andriy Redko

Staff Software Developer, Aiven Oy

Charlotte Henkle

Senior Manager Software Development - OpenSearch Project

David Tippett

Independent Consultant

David Venable

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

James Sharpnack

Senior Applied Scientist, AWS

Jeff Zemerick

Search Relevance Consultant, OpenSource Connections

Lennart Koopmann

Founder & CTO, Graylog, Inc.

Mehdi Bendriss

Senior Software Engineer, Canonical

Prabhakar Sithanandam

Principal Engineer, OpenSearch

Prashant Agrawal

Search Specialist Solutions Architect, OpenSearch Service at AWS

Rafael Gumiero

Sr. Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Rajiv Taori

Principal Product Manager - Technical, Amazon Web Services

Xingjian Shi

Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon AI