Meet the OpenSearchCon 2023 Speakers

Session Speakers

Analytics, Observability, and Security
Operating OpenSearch

AJ Jambu

Developer Evangelist at MinIO

Akash Shankaran

Cloud Software Architect, Intel

Alastair Flynn

Software Engineer at Canonical

Alfonso Brown


Amitai Stern

Software developer & Telemetry Storage Team Lead at

Andrey Myssak

CCI Participant

Anirudha Jadhav

Engineering Manager at AWS - OpenSearch

Arun Lakshmanan

Senior OpenSearch Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Bianca Lewis

Chief Revenue Officer at Opster

Bob Wall

CTO and Co-founder at IronCore Labs

Brian Nauheimer

KMW Technology

Bukhtawar Khan

Principal Engineer

Charlotte Henkle

Senior Manager Software Development - OpenSearch Project

Dan Widdis

Senior Software Engineer - AWS

Daniel Doubrovkine

Principal Engineer - OpenSearch

David Tippett

Independent Consultant

David Venable

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Gaurav Bafna

Senior Software Engineer, AWS - OpenSearch

Iskander Rakhmanberdiyev

Software Development Manager at AWS - OpenSearch

Jiaxiang (Peter) Zhu

Sr Systems Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Jochen Kressin

Co-Founder Eliatra and Search Guard

Jon Fritz

Chief Product Officer at Aryn

Jon Handler

Senior Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

Jonah Kowall

VP Product Management / Aiven

Ken Hamric

Founder at

Kris Freedain

Community Manager - OpenSearch Project

Krishna Kondaka

Senior Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Laura Pavlov

Senior UX Designer @ AWS - OpenSearch

Nick Knize

Principal Engineer at Apache Software Foundation

Olasoji Denloye

Software Engineer at Intel Corp.

Raman Saparkhan

Carnegie Mellon University Student and CCI Contributor

Samuel Herman

Architect at Oracle

Sarthak Aggarwal

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Saurabh Singh

Senior Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Sayali Gaikawad

Software Development Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Sergey Myssak

CCI Participant

Stephen Crawford

Software Engineer at AWS - OpenSearch

Sultan Turan

Backend developer at TSARKA

Vinayak Borkar

CEO at Mach5 Software, Inc.

Ziv Segal

CEO and Co-Founder of Opster