The managed OpenSearch platform that provides the support of a search engineering team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Products & Services

  • Fully managed Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, & SolrCloud for mission-critical search engines

    Make changes and improvements to search without being afraid to break something or have to rewrite from scratch.

    • Performant and reliable search clusters at any scale
    • Best-in-class search experience for your users
    • Deploy in your own AWS or GCP account
    • Instant insights into search performance
    • Let us handle delicate upgrades for you

  • In-house search expertise at your service

    Search works seamlessly through team turnover, even when the original engineer who set it up leaves.

    • We take responsibility for every one of your clusters
    • Meet even the most rigorous compliance standards
    • On-demand support from expert engineers
    • An advisory partner you can trust
    • Instant access to our team

    Focus on search relevance—not fixing bugs or downtime