Receive mentorship from Amazon engineers and accelerate your career in Tech

Tue, Sep 05, 2023 ·

Aerial Balloon Express

Receive mentorship from Amazon engineers and accelerate your career in Tech

Many today find it challenging to navigate the rugged terrain on their journey to a career in Tech. You can’t know how long your chosen path will be, how difficult it will be, or even if it will lead to the desired destination. You might be questioning whether your coursework is genuinely preparing you for roles in major tech companies. In keeping with the theme of the image above, the OpenSearch Project presents an “Aerial Balloon Express” to bridge the skill and experience gap between your current position and your ultimate career destination.

This proverbial “Aerial Balloon Express” is the Open Source Contributor Initiative (OSCI). Spanning 10 weeks, this fully remote program allows participants to receive mentorship from seasoned engineers within a nurturing and inclusive environment that fosters learning and collaboration. Participants in OSCI will work with Amazon engineers and will enhance their portfolios by directly contributing to a prominent open-source software project. When fully leveraged, these benefits can culminate in a recommendation letter signed by an AWS Principal Engineer and an internal endorsement. Imagine dedicating just a few hours each week for 10 weeks and reaping such immense value in return. The best part is that the OSCI program can fit any schedule (even if you’re working or studying full time).

The deadline for applications is September 13th, and the program runs September 20th–November 29th. Apply now:

OSCI participants will contribute to the OpenSearch Project. OpenSearch is a fully open-source search and analytics suite. The OpenSearch Project includes OpenSearch (derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2) and OpenSearch Dashboards (derived from Kibana 7.10.2) and a range of features like built-in security, anomaly detection, alerting, observability experiences, and more. Since 2021, it has been downloaded 250 million times, with 35,429 PRs across 7,119,909 lines of code.

Not our first Rodeo

History of the program

Earlier this year, from March 1st to May 15th, we launched the College Contributor Initiative (CCI), which was a pilot of OSCI. Well over 100 students participated in CCI, contributing an impressive 150 pull requests and generating 275 issues. Many participants have continued to work on the project, with multiple becoming maintainers.

Please check out the video testimonials of some of the participants here.

There were many aspects that differentiate this program from others. The weekly scheduled meetings with project maintainers and mentors were the most important method to speed up the contribution process. They allowed us to ask questions to clarify themes that were hindering the development process. They allowed us to get comfortable with a large code base in a short period of time

OSCI is an expansion of CCI. While CCI included only a handful of institutions, OSCI will welcome multiple academic entities, coding bootcamps, professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone excited about open-source development.

What are the benefits of OSCI for participants?

  1. Guidance from seasoned engineers: You’ll grow under the watchful eyes of expert engineers. It’s the perfect space for learning and teaming up.
  2. Real-world skill enhancement: Dive into an impactful open-source project and sharpen your skills. Such experience can supercharge your career and portfolio.
  3. Constructive assessment of contributions: All your contributions will be professionally assessed. You will have a chance to qualify to receive a recommendation letter from an AWS Principal Engineer or even an internal endorsement.

Inviting everyone, everywhere

OSCI celebrates inclusivity. No boundaries. No borders. We welcome participants globally. Check out our Code of Conduct to see exactly how we are making the OpenSearch Project an inclusive and safe environment, or visit our public Slack channel to meet the community.

Kickstart your career

In conclusion

OSCI will not only help you to grow your technical skills but will also allow you to connect with and learn from experienced Amazon engineers and community members. With guidance and resources at your fingertips, OSCI is poised to shape the builders of tomorrow.

Eager to embark on this journey? Apply now:

Remember, applications close on September 13th, and the adventure begins on September 20th.

We are buzzing with excitement for this new chapter. Hop on board and kick off your career!