Slack workspace

Updated Jan 30, 2024

The OpenSearch Project has a public Slack to enable brainstorming, code reviews, and other ad hoc collaboration discussions with the community.

In addition to the OpenSearch Code of Conduct, the following are guiding principles for the new Slack workspace:

  • Open Communication – To facilitate better sharing of information, ideas, and announcements, all communication is encouraged to happen in the open project channels.
  • Safe and Inclusive – The workspace strives to be a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable participating.
  • Level Playing Field – All project maintainers and collaborators are created equal; feedback and proposals will be fully considered based on their benefits to the overall community—not based on who proposed them.
  • Full Transparency – All project maintainers are encouraged to use the Slack workspace along with the discussion forums and GitHub project repositories for all communication in order to discourage any closed-source discussions or development decisions.
  • No Sales Pitches – The OpenSearch Project Slack workspace is a place to discuss development of the project—not a place to sell things.

Contributors, maintainers, and community members can use this communication channel to collaborate. Read more on Slack communications here.