• Introducing OpenSearch 2.6

    Tue, Feb 28, 2023

    OpenSearch 2.6.0 is now available, with a new data schema built to OpenTelemetry standards that unlocks an array of future capabilities for analytics and observability use cases. This release also delivers upgrades for index management, improves threat detection for security analytics workloads, and adds functionality for visualization tools, machine learning (ML) models, and more. Read on for an overview of...

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  • Partner Highlight: Using OpenSearch to set up a hybrid system that uses text and vector search

    Fri, Feb 24, 2023

    On their own, text databases and vector search tools can add a lot of value to commercial workloads. A recent blog post by Noam Schwartz of OpenSearch Project Partner,, explains how these tools can deliver significant impact using a hybrid approach. In the blog, “Text search vs. Vector search: Better together?,” Schwartz explores how combining text and vector search...

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  • What’s new: OpenSearch Reporting CLI

    Tue, Feb 14, 2023

    The OpenSearch Project is happy to announce the release of the Reporting CLI, making it convenient to generate reports externally without logging in to OpenSearch Dashboards. This gives you the flexibility to programmatically generate reports and connect them to your preferred messaging system. You can now schedule and transport reports efficiently through email.

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  • Building a semantic search engine in OpenSearch

    Mon, Feb 13, 2023

    Semantic search helps search engines understand queries. Unlike traditional search, which takes into account only keywords, semantic search also considers their meaning in the search context. Thus, a deep-neural-network-based semantic search engine has the ability to answer natural language queries in a human-like manner. In this post, you will learn about semantic search and the ways you can implement it...

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  • Apache Flink Connector for OpenSearch

    Fri, Feb 10, 2023

    Apache Flink and OpenSearch are widely known and successful open source projects. Even if you have never used them, it is likely you have heard or read about them in search or streaming data transformation use cases. And there are reasons for that: although they target different tech markets, they perform their job very well.

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