• New for OpenSearch Dashboards: Long-running operation notifications and component templates

    Thu, Jul 20, 2023

    OpenSearch Dashboards now provides two additional UI elements to simplify index management---notifications for long-running operations and component templates. With long-running operation notification, you can subscribe to be notified of a specific task or type of task through any notification channel supported by the Notification plugin. With component templates, you can create a single index pattern that matches multiple indexes. Using...

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  • Correlating security events across different log sources

    Thu, Jul 13, 2023

    All enterprises, large and small, across different industries and geographies, are vulnerable to security threats to their valuable data. To detect and respond to these threats, organizations use commercial security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to gather security-related information and identify potential security issues. With the constantly changing techniques used by adversaries in the evolving threat landscape, it is...

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  • Optimize OpenSearch index shard sizes

    Thu, Jul 06, 2023

    This blog post discusses optimizing the number shards in an OpenSearch index. Optimizing shard sizes helps you get the best performance from OpenSearch.

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  • Improving JSON parsing performance in opensearch-java

    Tue, Jun 27, 2023

    As an open-source enthusiast, I believe in the power of collaboration to make open-source projects faster and more efficient. In this blog post, I will share how my team at Linagora, contributing to the Apache James project, identified and addressed a performance issue in the OpenSearch Java client using benchmark tools and flame graphs, in collaboration with the OpenSearch community....

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  • Partner highlight: Exploring OpenSearch’s vector database capabilities

    Mon, Jun 26, 2023

    Many organizations are turning to machine learning (ML) tools to enhance their search applications. Among those tools are ML embedding models, which can encode the meaning and context of documents, images, and audio into vectors. Those vectors can be stored and indexed within a vector database, then searched to identify similarities. Ultimately, this functionality can be used to augment search...

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