New IP2Geo processor with automatic update in OpenSearch

Oct 04 • technical-posts

When you host a service across geographic regions, it often helps to understand load patterns from various geographies. In many cases it helps to analyze anomalies and attacks. Starting with...

Improve search relevance with hybrid search, generally available in OpenSearch 2.10

Oct 04 • technical-posts

In an earlier blog post, a group of Amazon scientists and engineers described methods of combining keyword-based search with dense vector search in order to improve search relevance. With OpenSearch...

Improved durability in OpenSearch with remote-backed storage

Sep 27 • community

We are excited to announce remote-backed storage, a new feature that enables request-level durability with remote storage options like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage,...

Exploring OpenSearch 2.10

Sep 25 • releases

OpenSearch 2.10 is ready to download, with new tools for search, security, and machine learning applications, improved storage durability options, a better way to analyze and visualize your data in...

OpenSearch search personas: Creating Figma templates to represent a persona framework

Sep 22 • community

There is a popular perception that open-source projects are poorly designed. The challenges that open-source software designers face include more than just GitHub requiring coding skills.Although open-source software is a...

OpenSearch Security: A Testament to Our Commitment

Sep 18 • technical-post

In OpenSearch, there’s an understanding that security isn’t just a feature, but a foundational part of our software. Today, we’re excited to discuss the findings of a recent in-depth independent...

Use OpenSearch Benchmark with Randomized Query Terms

Sep 14 • technical-post

Performance testing is part science and part art. On the measurement side, you employ science to run test cases, collect and visualize metrics, and evaluate results. On the test creation...

Automating the release process for standalone components in OpenSearch: Addressing challenges and implementing solutions

Sep 12 • releases, community

The OpenSearch Project is growing quickly and currently has around 600+ contributors who actively participate in the project day to day. The project releases the OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards distributions...

Monitoring your cluster with cluster metrics monitors

Sep 07 • technical-posts

In OpenSearch version 1.3, we added cluster metrics monitors to the Alerting plugin. Cluster metrics monitors allow you to execute popular CAT and cluster API calls against the local cluster...

OpenSearch Dashboards: A usability snapshot

Sep 06 • community

Creating visual representations from large amounts of data aligns with the fundamental mode of human understanding. To monitor data at scale and make strategic decisions, we need tools that can...

Receive mentorship from Amazon engineers and accelerate your career in Tech

Sep 05 • announcements

Receive mentorship from Amazon engineers and accelerate your career in Tech

Announcing Data Prepper 2.4.0

Aug 28 • releases

Data Prepper 2.4.0 is now available for download. This release introduces a number of exciting new features, including a new Apache Kafka source, Amazon S3 batch processing, filtering inside of...

Partner Highlight: Build production-ready generative AI applications for enterprise search using Haystack pipelines and Amazon SageMaker JumpStart with LLMs

Aug 25 • partner-highlight

Here we will show how to build an end-to-end generative AI application for enterprise search with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) using Haystack, OpenSearch, and Sagemaker JumpStart.

OpenSearchCon 2023 speakers, sessions, and more

Aug 22 • events

Last year’s first-ever OpenSearchCon was a smashing success (you can find videos of the talks here if you’re interested).

New custom automated style workflow

Aug 08 • community-updates

The OpenSearch Project is pleased to announce the rollout of an exciting mechanism in the documentation-website and project-website repos. We have implemented a custom automated style workflow to ensure that...