Partner Highlight: Aiven offers OpenSearch as a service

Thu, Oct 14, 2021 · Lorna Mitchell

Aiven has recently announced Aiven for OpenSearch as the newest addition to their managed database services platform. As an existing provider of open source Elasticsearch as a service, the move to OpenSearch was a logical next step. Customers can stay with Aiven and have an open source upgrade path ahead of them with easy migration of existing Elasticsearch services to Aiven for OpenSearch.

Aiven has been a vocal supporter of OpenSearch since before the project had a name. We knew we wanted to be hands-on in our support, both in the community and in the code itself, and to offer OpenSearch on our platform since many of our customers are as enthusiastic about open source as we are!

You can find different members of the Aiven team in different places around the OpenSearch project. Over in our OSPO (Open Source Program Office) we have Andriy working on OpenSearch itself as a Software Engineer. Some of our Python experts (Denis and Aleksei) are maintainers on the client library opensearch-py.

We are also excited to contribute to the ecosystem as a whole, and I personally have enjoyed making small contributions to project repositories and participating on the forums. The Developer Relations team also has responsibility for the Aiven for OpenSearch docs, and most of the information and examples there are just as applicable to OpenSearch deployments on other platforms. Olena is giving talks about OpenSearch and always adding more content.

We really appreciate the hard work required to make OpenSearch a reality. It was important to us at Aiven to be able to support open source and provide an upgrade path for everyone who wanted it. The journey is far from over; in fact it has just begun. We look forward to helping to build a thriving open source project with a governance model that enables collaboration and ensures a long and healthy future.

If you’d like to try OpenSearch on Aiven, then sign up for our free trial and let us know what you think? We are proud to be part of the OpenSearch landscape, both as providers of OpenSearch, and as contributors to the project itself.