Partner Highlight: Using OpenSearch for F5 & NGINX with WorldTech IT

Mon, Jun 06, 2022 · Austin Geraci, Ryan Paras

WorldTech IT is excited to join the OpenSearch community as users, contributors, and official OpenSearch partners. As the leader in Professional and Managed Services integrating AWS with F5 and NGINX solutions, we rely on OpenSearch for use within our Cloud.Red platform. Before we get into how we use and promote OpenSearch, you may be wondering where F5 and NGINX come into the picture.

About WorldTech IT

As a top-tier F5 Guardian Partner, we specialize in designing application delivery solutions that leverage the best of F5 and NGINX. Our key focus areas are traffic optimization, high availability, automation, IAM, and security. From on-premise to cloud migrations, health-checks, custom SaaS solutions, or our Always-On program – our expert team of F5 engineers brings more experience, depth of engineering bench, and focus around F5 technology than any other consulting company.

Our customers needed a monitoring and alerting platform for F5 BIG-IP. When the competition wasn’t cutting it, Cloud.Red was born. In addition to monitoring and alerting, Cloud Red has grown to include observability and tooling to run everyday operational tasks and lifecycle management. Need scheduled backups of all your F5 devices with cloud storage options? Maybe you have a large environment and want to access all your devices from one screen with SSO? Cloud.Red can do all of that and more – making management at scale a reality.

How we use OpenSearch with F5 & NGINX

OpenSearch has been integral to making Cloud.Red a reality, providing an expansive feature set, such as role-based access (security), observability tooling, alerting, and anomaly detection. It is one of the cornerstones of the platform, allowing for the collection of logs, statuses, and statistics, helping present a clearer picture of our customers’ F5 BIG-IP system heath.

OpenSearch will continue to serve as an integral component of the Cloud.Red platform, as we roll out features for NGINX products and dive deeper into application and security analytics.

Open-Source and Community

WorldTech IT has been involved with the OpenSearch community since the early versions of Open Distro. From its infancy, we have appreciated the project’s ability to provide indispensable features with a permissive license. It has allowed us to test, build, and deploy, unencumbered by restrictions seen in other software stacks.

Since early on, we have been testers of new OpenSearch builds and collaborators in the community. We truly appreciate the many ways to collaborate with the project, such as the forums, GitHub, and community meetings.

We also appreciate the greater community, such as partners like Calyptia. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Calyptia on testing and improving Fluent Bit and Fluentd for OpenSearch. Our continued collaboration is powering our transition from legacy tools to ones more compatible with the OpenSearch ecosystem.

Working with WorldTech IT

If you are interested in collaborating on an OpenSearch project or looking for F5 & NGINX expertise, contact us on our site or hit us up through our OpenSearch partner portal.