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You're viewing version 1.1 of the OpenSearch documentation. This version is no longer maintained. For the latest version, see the current documentation. For information about OpenSearch version maintenance, see Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy.

Index document

Introduced 1.0

The reindex API operation lets you copy all or a subset of your data from a source index into a destination index.


POST /_reindex

Path and HTTP methods

POST /_reindex

URL parameters

All URL parameters are optional.

Parameter Type Description
refresh Boolean If true, OpenSearch refreshes shards to make the reindex operation available to search results. Valid options are true, false, and wait_for, which tells OpenSearch to wait for a refresh before executing the operation. Default is false.
timeout Time How long to wait for a response from the cluster. Default is 30s.
wait_for_active_shards String The number of active shards that must be available before OpenSearch processes the reindex request. Default is 1 (only the primary shard). Set to all or a positive integer. Values greater than 1 require replicas. For example, if you specify a value of 3, the index must have two replicas distributed across two additional nodes for the operation to succeed.
wait_for_completion Boolean Waits for the matching tasks to complete. Default is false.
requests_per_second Integer Specifies the request’s throttling in sub-requests per second. Default is -1, which means no throttling.
require_alias Boolean Whether the destination index must be an index alias. Default is false.
scroll Time How long to keep the search context open. Default is 5m.
slices Integer Number of sub-tasks OpenSearch should divide this task into. Default is 1, which means OpenSearch should not divide this task. Setting this parameter to auto indicates to OpenSearch that it should automatically decide how many slices to split the task into.
max_docs Integer How many documents the update by query operation should process at most. Default is all documents.

Request body

Your request body must contain the names of the source index and destination index. All other fields are optional.

Field Description
conflicts Indicates to OpenSearch what should happen if the delete by query operation runs into a version conflict. Valid options are abort and proceed. Default is abort.
source Information about the source index to include. Valid fields are index, max_docs, query, remote, size, slice, and _source.
index The name of the source index to copy data from.
max_docs The maximum number of documents to reindex.
query The search query to use for the reindex operation.
remote Information about a remote OpenSearch cluster to copy data from. Valid fields are host, username, password, socket_timeout, and connect_timeout.
host Host URL of the OpenSearch cluster to copy data from.
username Username to authenticate with the remote cluster.
password Password to authenticate with the remote cluster.
socket_timeout The wait time for socket reads. Default is 30s.
connect_timeout The wait time for remote connection timeouts. Default is 30s.
size The number of documents to reindex.
slice Whether to manually or automatically slice the reindex operation so it executes in parallel.
_source Whether to reindex source fields. Speicfy a list of fields to reindex or true to reindex all fields. Default is true.
id The ID to associate with manual slicing.
max Maximum number of slices.
dest Information about the destination index. Valid values are index, version_type, and op_type.
index Name of the destination index.
version_type The indexing operation’s version type. Valid values are internal, external, external_gt (retrieve the document if the specified version number is greater than the document’s current version), and external_gte (retrieve the document if the specified version number is greater or equal to than the document’s current version).
op_type Whether to copy over documents that are missing in the destination index. Valid values are create (ignore documents with the same ID from the source index) and index (copy everything from the source index).
script A script that OpenSearch uses to apply transformations to the data during the reindex operation.
source The actual script that OpenSearch runs.
lang The scripting language. Valid options are painless, expression, mustache, and java.


    "took": 28829,
    "timed_out": false,
    "total": 111396,
    "updated": 0,
    "created": 111396,
    "deleted": 0,
    "batches": 112,
    "version_conflicts": 0,
    "noops": 0,
    "retries": {
        "bulk": 0,
        "search": 0
    "throttled_millis": 0,
    "requests_per_second": -1.0,
    "throttled_until_millis": 0,
    "failures": []

Response body fields

Field Description
took How long the operation took in milliseconds.
timed_out Whether the operation timed out.
total The total number of documents processed.
updated The number of documents updated in the destination index.
created The number of documents created in the destination index.
deleted The number of documents deleted.
batches Number of scroll responses.
version_conflicts Number of version conflicts.
noops How many documents OpenSearch ignored during the operation.
retries Number of bulk and search retry requests.
throttled_millis Number of throttled milliseconds during the request.
requests_per_second Number of requests executed per second during the operation.
throttled_until_millis The amount of time until OpenSearch executes the next throttled request.
failures Any failures that occurred during the operation.