Search Solutions with OpenSearch, Python, and Serverless

Struggling with search capabilities in your production environment? You’re not alone. The search function is crucial yet often problematic in real-world applications. OpenSearch, Python, and serverless architecture come together to offer a compelling solution. And yes, we’ll dive into Pythonic libraries that make integration with OpenSearch a breeze.

In our session, we are going to cover the following objectives such as:

  • Provide an overview of OpenSearch and its problem-solving capabilities for production search needs.
  • Discuss the most useful features of OpenSearch and demonstrate how they can be effectively used in various scenarios.
  • Introduce Python libraries that work well with OpenSearch.
  • Demonstrate how to combine Python and serverless architecture to power your search engine and use it in production.
  • Offer hands-on examples for crafting efficient queries by using Python libraries.

By the end of this informative session, you’ll have an understanding of how OpenSearch, Python, and serverless architecture can collectively resolve the challenges you face with search capabilities in production. Additionally, this talk will empower you with practical knowledge and hands-on examples. Whether you’re a developer aiming to improve your application’s search capabilities or an architect scouting for scalable, effective solutions, you’ll find actionable insights and tools to elevate your approach to search and analytics in a production environment.


Monday, May 6 2:50pm-3:10pm in Moskau

Track: Search


Laysa Uchoa photograph

Laysa Uchoa

PyLadies Munich Leader, and Cloud Engineer, Nordcloud
Yuliia Barabash photograph

Yuliia Barabash

Cloud Engineer @ Nordcloud