Announcing OpenSearchCon Europe 2024

Thu, Feb 29, 2024 · James McIntyre, Kris Freedain

updated 2024-04-12

For two years now, we’ve welcomed the OpenSearch community to Seattle for OpenSearchCon. Seeing the conference grow each year and listening to the talks, keynotes, unconference, and training sessions has been enlightening. The OpenSearch community continues to expand, always welcoming new individuals, organizations, and partners into the fold, and OpenSearchCon is where the community comes together.

Because the first conferences were such a success, a question that comes up again and again is “When are you coming to Europe?”

We’ve listened, and we’re extraordinarily happy to announce the launch of a European edition of OpenSearchCon! OpenSearchCon Europe has now joined OpenSearchCon North America on our 2024 conference schedule. We’ll share the details on OpenSearchCon North America in the coming weeks.

We hope this is welcome news for community members across the EMEA region. We invite you to join us May 6 and 7 at Cafe Moskau in Berlin for OpenSearchCon Europe 2024. You can reserve your seat here:

Open Source Connections will be offering a one-day intensive course based on Think Like a Relevance Engineer (TLRE)! Learn more.

As always, what makes OpenSearchCon a success are the compelling stories and educational insights shared by our community. The Call for Presentations (CfP) for OpenSearchCon Europe is now open—go here to learn more and propose your ideas. We’ll close the CfP on March 25, so be sure to submit your proposals by this date. CfP is now closed - thank you to everyone who sent in your proposals!

OpenSearchCon Europe - conference page

Are you interested in proposing a talk but want to see examples of previously selected presentations? Here are a few example titles and abstracts from last year’s OpenSearchCon:

Journey to a 750-Node Cluster: Why Mastering Allocation and Routing in OpenSearch is the Key to Successfully Achieving Massive Scale

Abstract: In this talk we will present OCI OpenSearch case study and learnings as we built our biggest cluster to date of 750 nodes and 165,000+ shards. This cluster we assume is one of the largest ever built and hosted by a service, this also means that we had the chance of stretching OpenSearch to it’s limit and we would like to share some of our lessons primarily around shards allocations, bottlenecks we encountered and how we overcome them.

Building a Powerful Hybrid Search System: Combining Text and Vector Search for Enhanced OpenSearch Performance

Abstract: Discover the advantages of combining text search and vector search in a hybrid setup using OpenSearch. In this session, we explore how you can leverage both methods to enhance search accuracy and deliver comprehensive results. You’ll walk away with practical techniques for setting up a hybrid search system using OpenSearch and insights on optimizing search results.

Getting Started as a Contributor: Unleashing Your Potential in the OpenSearch Community

Abstract: Join this session to uncover the secrets of successfully starting your journey as a contributor to the OpenSearch project. Drawing from personal experience and sharing insightful anecdotes, the speaker will provide practical insights, best practices, and “cheat codes” to accelerate your engagement and make your contributions worthwhile. Learn how to overcome challenges and fast-track your involvement in the OpenSearch community while fostering meaningful connections and driving the growth and sustainability of the project.

Fast-Track Integration Tests With Distributed Traces!

Abstract: Monitoring and testing distributed systems can be complex and time-consuming due to their interconnected nature. Distributed tracing offers a comprehensive map to simplify system understanding. Trace-based testing further employs this data for deep integration tests. This session aims to expedite the monitoring and integration testing of your services in a near real-world environment, using OpenSearch’s adaptation for the OpenTelemetry Astronomy Shop.

For videos of the presentations that made it to the stage for OpenSearchCon 2023, please visit our conference playlist.

We’ll continue to share more about our first European user conference in the coming weeks. Many thanks to our friends at Plain Schwarz for their support in organizing the event.

We’ll see you in Berlin!