The OpenSearch Platform hero banner
The OpenSearch Platform hero banner

The OpenSearch Platform

Build enterprise-grade applications on a vendor-neutral, open-source foundation

OpenSearch is a distributed, community-driven, fully open-source search and analytics suite. Built-in security, scalable capacity and performance, and support for high availability help make OpenSearch a solid foundation for enterprise-grade applications across search, observability, security analytics, and more. You can run OpenSearch on premises or in hybrid or multicloud environments and put its broad and deep feature set to work as you see fit—with no licensing fees.

Community Voices

The OpenSearch Toolbox

OpenSearch Core

OpenSearch Core

OpenSearch is a powerful search and analytics engine built on Apache Lucene.

At its core sits the fundamental tooling that makes OpenSearch an ideal foundation for a vast range of applications.

The essential search functionality, interfaces and infrastructure, and data management capabilities that make OpenSearch so scalable, high performing, and dependable all live in the OpenSearch core repository.

OpenSearch Dashboards

OpenSearch Dashboards

OpenSearch Dashboards is the open-source data visualization toolset built to work with OpenSearch.

With Dashboards, you get a flexible, fully integrated solution for visually exploring and querying your data.

Use Dashboards as the interface to manage your clusters, drill into your data, and identify, visualize, and report your discoveries.

You can explore OpenSearch Dashboards live on OpenSearch Playground.

Data Prepper

Data Prepper

Data Prepper is the server-side data collector designed to enrich, transform, and aggregate data for downstream analytics and visualization within OpenSearch.

Use Data Prepper to create custom pipelines that improve your operational understanding of infrastructure or applications through the log and trace data they generate.

Find out more about Data Prepper.

Key Features

The OpenSearch platform includes a vast array of built-in features, with new features contributed in every major or minor release. The following are a few of the capabilities that help OpenSearch stand alone.

Opensearch Platform Key Features
Geospatial Enhance your dashboarding experience by building maps to aid in analysis.
Alerting Assure systems are meeting expectations by setting up static alerts on your cluster or the systems you support.
SQL/PPL support Meet your users where they are with query languages they are comfortable with.
k-NN/vector database capabilities Use OpenSearch’s vector database capabilities to power your AI search queries.
Learning to Rank Combine probabilistic ranking with your usage data to build tailored search experiences.
Anomaly Detection Complement alerting with anomaly detection for time-series data to detect unusual behavior in complex situations.
Index State Management (ISM) Ensure your OpenSearch indexes are running efficiently using ISM policies.

Community Partners

The OpenSearch Project includes a network of partners who provide hosted solutions, offer help with technical challenges, or build tools to extend the suite’s capabilities. Interested in becoming a project partner? Here’s how.


When you download OpenSearch, what happens next is up to you. As fully open-source software licensed under Apache 2.0, OpenSearch offers you the freedom to modify, extend, monetize, or resell the software and the flexibility to deploy it on a variety of infrastructures.

Getting Started

To configure your first OpenSearch cluster, you can download the OpenSearch components in a variety of distributions or start with the official Docker image.

To learn more about OpenSearch, visit our community forum, explore the documentation, or visit the project on GitHub.