Community Projects

This page was made to highlight projects built by the community for the community.

Want your project on this page? To add your project to this page, please create a fork the project website, add a markdown file for your project under /_community_projects/ , and submit a pull request.



Haystack is an open source NLP framework that leverages Transformer models. Haystack enables the developers to implement production-ready neural search, question answering, semantic document search, summarization for a wide range of applications.


Professional GUI client for AWS OpenSearch, desktop app of Mac / Windows that makes operating with OpenSearch easier. This project is currently a developer preview version. Feedbacks and opinions are welcome.


ElastiFlow™ instantly transforms OpenSearch into a turnkey network traffic analytics solution. It provides deep insights into performance and availability issues, as well as security threats, for environments at any scale.

Kubernetes Logging stack using Opensearch

This helm chart deploys a scalable containerized logging stack, enabling log observability for kubernetes applications with Opensearch. The deployment may take various forms, from a single node setup usable for a local development up to scaled multi nodes opensearch deployments used in production environments. It is an easy way to provision a managed Opensearch cluster with optional kafka brokers, flunetbits and fluentd(s) supplying additional initialization steps for the varois components.

OpenSIEM Logstash Parsing Configurations

Logstash parsing for more than a hundred technologies. We welcome contributions for security and non-security based technologies.

OpenSearch Flattened Mapper Plugin

OpenSearch Flattened Mapper Plugin to be able to load Kibana indices for ES 7.10.x or above in OpenSearch

OpenSearch Plugin Template Java

Template repo for creating OpenSearch plugins

OpenSearch Terraform module

OpenSearch Terraform module by Opster allows you to setup an OpenSearch cluster on AWS EC2 instances. Using this module you can deploy a new cluster, control its settings, configuration and discovery settings. The module deploys both OpenSearch cluster and OpenSearch Dashboards server.


Shuffle is an open source automation platform for security professionals. With a graphical app- and workflow creator, it allows for fast testing, development, deployment and sharing of usecases with the broader industry. Using OpenSearch, Shuffle is able to provide responsive and easy to use search- and storage capabilities at scale.


SnappyFlow is a simplified observability platform that brings together metrics, logs, distributed tracing, synthetics monitoring and alert management in an integrated workflow. SnappyFlow uses OpenSearch for storing, aggregating and querying all datapoints collected by Snappyflow.


Wazuh is a free and open source platform used for threat prevention, detection, and response. It protects workloads across on-premises, virtualized, containerized and cloud-based environments. Wazuh has been fully integrated with OpenSearch, providing a search engine and a user interface to navigate through security alerts.