Securing OpenSearch: Hints for avoiding common hassles

Getting your cluster properly secured is an essential part of moving it into production. If you have only one or two users and are not using OpenSearch Dashboards, it is likely a straightforward task. However with a larger user base - with different authorization levels - things can get more challenging, especially if OpenSearch Dashboards is involved. Integrating OpenSearch into an SSO environment further complicates matters.

This has a number of reasons: First, OpenSearch security offers a number of features to simplify your configuration. But sometimes, these features are not too obvious. Second, there are some configuration choices which can actually make your life more difficult than necessary. And finally, it can be non-obvious to test the configuration and find out about the reasons for issues. In our presentation, we will cover:

  • Good ways to assign privileges to users
  • Getting a smooth OpenSearch Dashboards experience
  • Things to keep in mind when defining complex authentication configurations, especially involving SSO
  • Strategies to test configuration and diagnose issues


Tuesday, May 7 1:30pm-2:10pm in Moskau

Track: Operating OpenSearch


Nils Bandener photograph

Nils Bandener

Freelance Software Architect