Infino AI

Infino offers a schemaless, serverless managed OpenSearch service. Founded by former AWS OpenSearch engineers, we have replaced Lucene with a next-gen proprietary engine optimized for Observability use cases and internal developer platforms.

We offer everything you have come to expect from OpenSearch except we are cheaper, faster, and with more observability features. Store logs, metrics, traces, code, tickets, etc. in one index. Query all your data at once via languages you know and love: Natural language, Query DSL, PromQL, SQL, PPL, etc. No snapshots, no mapping explosions, no astronomical bills, no slow aggregations, no cluster management, no minimum OCUs.

Save money, save time, and keep your commitments to your customers.

Products & Services

  • Infino AI

    Serverless, Schemaless OpenSearch for Observability