MC+A is an award-winning technology consultancy that specializes in the implementation of Search and AI solutions. With over 20 years of experience in search implementation, we leverage our expertise to bring cutting-edge GenAI and LLM capabilities to our customers. MC+A is committed to helping clients build, run and manage AI solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness across diverse sectors.

Products & Services

  • Opensearch Best Practice Assessment

    Analysis and Discovery sessions reviewing your current use case and implementation. Our expert team delivers consultative recommendations for design, implementation, and security improvements.

    • Health Check Report
    • Search Feature Roadmap
    • Recommendation for capacity planning
    • Recommendation for solution architecture
    • Recommendation for index optimization

  • Supercharge Your Search Use Case with AI

    Are you ready for the AI revolution? Don't chase fads or create your strategy based on the news headlines. Successful technology initiatives are driven by strategic vision and expert implementation. The good news is we can provide both.

    • AI Optimization
    • AI Acceleration
    • AI Transformation