Seacom srl sb

Seacom has been working in Information Technology since 1999, offering professional services to enterprise-level companies and public administrations on Open Source software. Our main offerings are email and collaboration, data management architectures, cybersecurity, and Cloud Native infrastructures. Seacom has been main Elastic's partner in Italy since 2013, gaining strong product experience, and certifications in developing enterprise-level projects.

Products & Services

  • LogOs

    Seacom has developed LogOs, an OpenSearch-based solution that ensures, starting with log analysis, a comprehensive monitoring system for security and compliance management.

    Seacom services leverage OpenSearch with the goal of optimizing IT architectures from the perspectives of log search and management, resource indexing, system observability, and security.

    We have a deep knowledge of search challenges in documents, social network data, e-commerce content, etc.

    Our experience in data management has given us the ability to develop custom connectors that can integrate OpenSearch technology with other BI solutions and visualization tools.