This is a pre-release version of OpenSearch 2.0.0. Feel free to try it out and provide feedback. If you are looking for the most recent production-ready release, see the 1.x line.

Try OpenSearch with Docker Compose

The best way to try out OpenSearch is to use Docker Compose. These steps will set up a two node cluster of OpenSearch plus OpenSearch Dashboards:

  1. Set up your Docker host environment
    • macOS & Windows: In Docker Preferences > Resources, set RAM to at least 4 GB.
    • Linux: Ensure vm.max_map_count is set to at least 262144 as per the documentation.
  2. Download docker-compose.yml into your desired directory
    • Note for OpenSearch 2.12 or later: Fresh installs of 2.12 or later require that you define an admin password — using the OPENSEARCH_INITIAL_ADMIN_PASSWORD environment variable — when configuring the security demo. For more information, see Setting up a demo configuration.
  3. Run docker-compose up
  4. Have a nice coffee while everything is downloading and starting up
  5. Navigate to http://localhost:5601/ for OpenSearch Dashboards
  6. Login with the default username (admin) and password (<custom-admin-password>)


OpenSearch is a distributed search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene. After adding your data to OpenSearch, you can perform full-text searches on it with all of the features you might expect: search by field, search multiple indices, boost fields, rank results by score, sort results by field, and aggregate results.

OpenSearch Dashboards

OpenSearch Dashboards is the default visualization tool for data in OpenSearch. It also serves as a user interface for many of the OpenSearch plugins, including security, alerting, Index State Management, SQL, and more.

Minimal Distributions

The following distributions include the bare minimum features required for a functioning OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards. It is intended for those who already have custom plugins or are intending to integrate/embed OpenSearch with other services.

If you are an end user, you probably do not want these distributions.

OpenSearch Minimum

This distribution lacks important security features and should be only used in carefully controlled environments.

OpenSearch Dashboards Minimum

This distribution lacks important security features and should be only used in carefully controlled environments.

For artifacts of all components of the project, see our artifacts directory for a complete list or a list just for this version.
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