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Nodes info

Represents mostly static information about your cluster’s nodes, including but not limited to:

  • Host system information
  • JVM
  • Processor Type
  • Node settings
  • Thread pools settings
  • Installed plugins


To get information on all nodes in a cluster:

GET /_nodes

To get thread pool information from the cluster manager node only:

GET /_nodes/master:true/thread_pool?pretty

Path and HTTP methods

GET /_nodes
GET /_nodes/{nodeId}
GET /_nodes/{metrics}
GET /_nodes/{nodeId}/{metrics}
# or full path equivalent
GET /_nodes/{nodeId}/info/{metrics}

URL parameters

You can include the following URL parameters in your request. All parameters are optional.

Parameter Type Description
nodeId String A comma-separated list of nodeIds to filter results. Supports node filters. Defaults to _all.
metrics String A comma-separated list of metric groups that will be included in the response. For example jvm,thread_pools. Defaults to all metrics.
timeout TimeValue A request timeout. Defaults to 30s.

The following are listed for all available metric groups:

Metric Description
settings A node’s settings. This is combination of the default settings, custom settings from configuration file and dynamically updated settings.
os Static information about the host OS, including version, processor architecture and available/allocated processors.
process Contains process OD.
jvm Detailed static information about running JVM, including arguments.
thread_pool Configured options for all individual thread pools.
transport Mostly static information about the transport layer.
http Mostly static information about the HTTP layer.
plugins Information about installed plugins and modules.
ingest Information about ingest pipelines and available ingest processors.
aggregations Information about available aggregations.
indices Static index settings configured at the node level.


The response contains basic node identification and build info for every node matching the {nodeId} request parameter.

Metric Description
name A node name.
transport_address A node transport address.
host A node host address.
ip A node host ip address.
version A node OpenSearch version.
build_type A build type, like rpm,docker, zip, etc.
build_hash A git commit hash of the build.
roles A node’s role.
attributes A node attributes.

The response also contains one or more metric groups, depending on the {metrics} request parameter.

GET /_nodes/master:true/process,transport?pretty

  "_nodes": {
    "total": 1,
    "successful": 1,
    "failed": 0
  "cluster_name": "opensearch",
  "nodes": {
    "VC0d4RgbTM6kLDwuud2XZQ": {
      "name": "node-m1-23",
      "transport_address": "",
      "host": "",
      "ip": "",
      "version": "1.3.1",
      "build_type": "tar",
      "build_hash": "c4c0672877bf0f787ca857c7c37b775967f93d81",
      "roles": [
      "attributes": {
        "shard_indexing_pressure_enabled": "true"
      "process" : {
        "refresh_interval_in_millis": 1000,
        "id": 44584,
        "mlockall": false
      "transport": {
        "bound_address": [
        "publish_address": "",
        "profiles": { }

Required permissions

If you use the security plugin, make sure you have the appropriate permissions: cluster:monitor/nodes/info.