OpenSearch Core Triage

Join the OpenSearch community to review and triage incoming issues in the OpenSearch repository. Meetings are open-to-all and attendance is encouraged for anyone who hopes to contribute, discuss an issue, or learn more about the project. See Triaging on OpenSearch for more details and FAQs.


  1. Initial Gathering: Feel free to turn on your video and engage in informal conversation. Shortly, a volunteer triage facilitator will begin the meeting and share their screen.
  2. Record Attendees: The facilitator will request attendees to share their GitHub profile links. These links will be collected and assembled into a tag to annotate comments during the meeting.
  3. Announcements: Any announcements will be made at the beginning of the meeting.
  4. Review of New Issues: We start by reviewing all untriaged issues for the OpenSearch repo.
  5. Attendee Requests: An opportunity for any meeting member to request consideration of an issue or pull request.
  6. Open Discussion: Attendees can bring up any topics not already covered by filed issues or pull requests.

Join via browser screen share: Join via phone (US): +1-929-432-4463,,,1988437365# Join via phone (US toll-free): +1-855-552-4463,,,1988437365#


Wednesday 14 February 2024 10:00am

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