OpenSearch Project Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1

Thu, Feb 02, 2023 · Hannah Uselman

The OpenSearch Project is pleased to present our first newsletter. Distributed monthly, the newsletter is a great way to learn more about the latest OpenSearch news, relevant content from the community, and upcoming events that you may be interested in.

OpenSearch Project Newsletter

What’s New?

OpenSearch 2.5 is live! OpenSearch 2.5.0 is ready for download! This year’s first release focuses on investments in core functionality, including new and improved ways to administer your clusters as well as tools for accessing, managing, and visualizing your data.

OpenSearch Project 2022 recap and what’s next What an amazing year for the OpenSearch community! As we head into 2023, we wanted to take a look back at what we were able to accomplish in 2022 as well as a look forward at what the next year will bring.

Introducing identity and access control for OpenSearch We are developing a new suite of features that are designed to provide comprehensive identity and access control to the OpenSearch ecosystem.

Blogs from the Community

Using OpenSearch in Fedora Linux This article will discuss how you can use OpenSearch in Fedora Linux.

Get smarter search results with the Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking and OpenSearch plugin If you haven’t migrated to Amazon Kendra and would like to improve the quality of search results, you can use Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking for self-managed OpenSearch on your existing search solution.

How to Index OpenSearch In this post, Dattell defines both components of an Index and outline how to create, add to, delete, and reindex Indices in OpenSearch. It will also touch on querying, but querying OpenSearch is covered in more depth in our article How to Query OpenSearch.

OpenSearch LDAP Authentication & Active Directory In this article, we will explore how to use Active Directory (AD) via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

How to Install OpenSearch on Debian 11 In this tutorial, you’ll deploy OpenSearch - an open-source search, analytics, and visualization suite - to the Debian 11 server. This process includes downloading the OpenSearch package and installing it manually on your Debian system. You’ll also set up secure SSL/TLS certificates for OpenSearch and secure the deployment with authentication and authorization.

Webinar: How to reduce costs and operate large scale Elasticsearch & OpenSearch clusters

Upcoming Events

FOSDEM23, February 4-5, 2023 Developer Advocate, David Tippett, will be presenting, “Python Logging Like Your Job Depends on It”. It is a fast track to understanding logging in Python that ends in a demo of how to log into OpenSearch with Python.

If you’d like to meetup at FOSDEM or chat about the event we can all use this forum thread! Hope to see everyone there.

OpenSearch Community Meeting - February 14th, 2023 Join us for our online community meeting. Meeting topics and passcode are listed in the collaborative agenda on the forum. Feel free to comment on the agenda before the meeting if you want to add an item or have a question. Would you like to present? Reach out on the forum thread - we welcome community presentations.

FOSS Backstage, March 13-14, 2023 If you are attending FOSS Backstage, reach out to community manager, Kris Freedain or our product marketing manager, James McIntyre. They would be happy to setup some time to chat about community building and open source.

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