Partner Highlight: Oracle offers OpenSearch as a service

Tue, Dec 21, 2021 · Andrew Hopp

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Welcome to the OpenSearch community!

We are excited to see Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) announcement of a fully managed search service based on OpenSearch. As Rob Walters, Vice President, Data Management at Oracle, puts it;

“We’re pleased to make OCI for OpenSearch, a fully managed search and analytics service, available to customers. Supporting the OpenSearch and open-source community is of utmost importance as we want customers everywhere to be able to deploy OpenSearch and Open Dashboards without having to worry about security, patching, updates, and backups. We look forward to contributing and working together with the OpenSearch community in the future.”

In their announcement, OCI also published a reference architecture for aggregating logs with OCI for OpenSearch in the OCI Architecture Center. If you interested in taking a look, the OCI public beta is available now (access form) with an upcoming global release in 2022. Congrats to everyone at OCI involved! We’re excited to welcome Oracle to the OpenSearch community and can’t wait to see what 2022 holds!

The goal of the OpenSearch project continues to be to make it easy for as many people and organizations as possible to use OpenSearch in their business, their products, and their projects. Whether you are an independent developer, an enterprise IT department, a software vendor, or a managed service provider, the ALv2 license ensures you can use, modify, extend, embed, monetize, resell, and offer OpenSearch as part of your products and services. As always, broad adoption benefits all members of the community.

Get involved!

We would love to see you contribute to OpenSearch (if you’re not already)! For almost any type of contribution, the first step is opening an issue. Even if you think you already know what the solution is, writing a description of the problem you’re trying to solve will help everyone get context when they review your pull request.

Interested in sharing your OpenSearch story? The community partners and testimonials pages continue to grow and we would be happy to add your story!

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