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You're viewing version 2.6 of the OpenSearch documentation. This version is no longer maintained. For the latest version, see the current documentation. For information about OpenSearch version maintenance, see Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy.

Reporting CLI options

You can use any of the following arguments with the opensearch-reporting-cli tool.

Argument Description Acceptable values and usage Environment variable
-u, --url The URL for the visualization. Obtain from OpenSearch Dashboards > Visualize > Share > Permalinks > Copy link. OPENSEARCH_URL
-a, --auth The authentication type for the report. You can specify either Basic basic, Cognito cognito, SAML saml, or No Auth none. If no value is specified, the Reporting CLI tool defaults to no authentication, type none. Basic, Cognito, and SAML require credentials with the -c flag. N/A
-c, --credentials The OpenSearch login credentials. Enter your username and password separated by a colon. For example, username:password. Required for Basic, Cognito, and SAML authentication types. OPENSEARCH_USERNAME and OPENSEARCH_PASSWORD
-t, --tenant The tenants in OpenSearch Dashboards. The default tenant is private. N/A
-f, --format The file format for the report. Can be either pdf, png, or csv. The default is pdf. N/A
-w, --width The window width in pixels for the report. Default is 1680. N/A
-l, --height The minimum window height in pixels for the report. Default is 600. N/A
-n, --filename The file name of the report. Default is reporting. opensearch-report-YYY-MM-DDTHH-mm-ss.sssZ
-e, --transport The transport mechanism for sending the email. For Amazon SES, specify ses. Amazon SES requires an AWS configuration on your system to store the credentials. For SMTP, use smtp and also specify the login credentials with --smtpusername and --smtppassword. OPENSEARCH_TRANSPORT
-s, --from The email address of the sender. For example, OPENSEARCH_FROM
-r, --to The email address of the recipient. For example, OPENSEARCH_TO
--smtphost The hostname of the SMTP server. For example, SMTP_HOST. OPENSEARCH_SMTP_HOST
--smtpport The port for the SMTP connection. For example, SMTP_PORT. OPENSEARCH_SMTP_PORT
--smtpsecure Specifies to use TLS when connecting to the server. For example, SMTP_SECURE. OPENSEARCH_SMTP_SECURE
--smtpusername The SMTP username. For example, SMTP_USERNAME. OPENSEARCH_SMTP_USERNAME
--smtppassword The SMTP password. For example, SMTP_PASSWORD. OPENSEARCH_SMTP_PASSWORD
--subject The email subject text encased in quotes. Can be any string. The default is “This is an email containing your dashboard report”. OPENSEARCH_EMAIL_SUBJECT
--note The email body, either a string or a path to a text file. The default note is “Hi,\nHere is the latest report!” OPENSEARCH_EMAIL_NOTE
-h, --help Specifies to display the list of optional arguments from the command line. N/A  

Getting help

To get a list of all available CLI arguments, run the following command:

$ opensearch-reporting-cli -h
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