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You're viewing version 2.8 of the OpenSearch documentation. This version is no longer maintained. For the latest version, see the current documentation. For information about OpenSearch version maintenance, see Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy.

Binary field type

A binary field type contains a binary value in Base64 encoding that is not searchable.


Create a mapping with a binary field:

PUT testindex 
  "mappings" : {
    "properties" :  {
      "binary_value" : {
        "type" : "binary"

Index a document with a binary value:

PUT testindex/_doc/1 
  "binary_value" : "bGlkaHQtd29rfx4="

Use = as a padding character. Embedded newline characters are not allowed.


The following table lists the parameters accepted by binary field types. All parameters are optional.

Parameter Description
doc_values A Boolean value that specifies whether the field should be stored on disk so that it can be used for aggregations, sorting, or scripting. Optional. Default is true.
store A Boolean value that specifies whether the field value should be stored and can be retrieved separately from the _source field. Optional. Default is false.
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