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The delete_entries processor deletes entries, such as key-value pairs, from an event. You can define the keys you want to delete in the with-keys field following delete_entries in the YAML configuration file. Those keys and their values are deleted.


You can configure the delete_entries processor with the following options.

Option Required Description
with_keys Yes An array of keys for the entries to be deleted.


To get started, create the following pipeline.yaml file:

    - delete_entries:
        with_keys: ["message"]

Next, create a log file named logs_json.log and replace the path in the file source of your pipeline.yaml file with that filepath. For more information, see Configuring Data Prepper.

For example, before you run the delete_entries processor, if the logs_json.log file contains the following event record:

{"message": "hello", "message2": "goodbye"}

When you run the delete_entries processor, it parses the message into the following output:

{"message2": "goodbye"}

If message does not exist in the event, then no action occurs.

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