Efficient Vector Search with OpenSearch - Webinar with BigData Boutique and MyPart

Join MyPart’s CEO and Chief Architect Matan Kollnescher, and Itamar Syn-Hershko, CTO and Founder of BigData Boutique, to learn how MyPart revolutionized song search by using Vector Embedding and OpenSearch.

In this session, we’ll discuss MyPart’s unique use-case and multi-dimensional approach that slices up sounds, lyrics and musical compositions into vectors that make sense to a computer. With that information stored in a Vector Database, MyPart can run intelligent, low-latency queries on huge music catalogs, without compromising accuracy or functionality.

We will then dive into the intricacies of Vector Search with OpenSearch, learning ML techniques that apply to a wide range of projects. As we get more technical, we’ll discuss how OpenSearch makes searching through vector data easy and efficient.


Tuesday 25 July 2023 10:00am

Join us on this webinar