Fluent Bit For Windows [Webinar]

While many Windows administrators may use Windows Event Forwarder (WEF) or other tools for data collection, they often run into the following challenges:

  • Transforming and/or modifying the Windows Event XML
  • Unifying Windows Events and Windows Application Logs with the same container
  • Compatibility with non-Windows destinations such as Unix/Linux

In this webinar, we will cover the top Fluent Bit for Windows capabilities including:

  1. Ability to collect Windows event logs, such as security, application, and custom channels
  2. Ability to collect custom Windows application logs, including IIS Server Logs
  3. Ability to collect Windows system metrics, to process metrics, and to convert to the required format
  4. Automatic retry, error handling, and persistence
  5. Advanced routing and processing capability


Thursday 7 December 2023 3:00pm

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