Getting Started with Fluent Bit and OpenSearch

Join us for this live, hands-on training!

Building a log analytics solution for Cloud Native workloads that provides log visibility and searchability can be difficult. In the past, teams have tried to solve this using a combination of Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) or, more recently, Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana (EFK). These solutions have worked well, but they are resource intensive, difficult to maintain, and lack the freedom of an OSS solution like Fluent Bit + OpenSearch.

Take this opportunity to elevate your skills and join OSS experts Anurag Gupta (Calyptia) and Kevin Fallis (AWS) to learn how to:

  • Get started using Fluent Bit and OpenSearch together
  • Onboard log data from Linux and Windows VMs
  • View log data (structured and unstructured) using OpenSearch dashboards
  • Build an OSS log analytics solution in a Cloud Native environment


Wednesday 31 January 2024 3:00pm

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