Logit.io Ltd

Logit.io offers a comprehensive observability and data analysis solution that enables businesses to enhance their cloud observability. By providing users with a unified and reliable data analysis solution, the platform facilitates scalability.

Products & Services

  • Hosted OpenSearch

    The Logit.io platform harnesses the best features of OpenSearch to provide users with log analytics, container monitoring, application performance management, metrics as a service and business analytics.

  • SIEM as a Service

    Logit.io's SIEM as a Service platform allows security practitioners to consolidate pre-existing log and metrics data into an intutitive dashboard to provide organisations with the security and analysis their business’s needs to ensure compliance, alert on threats and identify problematic event logs quickly.

  • Prometheus as a Service

    Prometheus is a metrics-based monitoring and alerting stack made for dynamic cloud environments. When larger organisations wish to scale Prometheus so that it is able to ingest more metrics, add more measurements, and attempt to create a global view for improved visibility, this can cause many challenges.