Titaniam, Inc.

Titaniam is the market leader in high-performance encryption-in-use that keeps valuable data secure even if the enterprise is breached and its data stolen. With the ability to process data without decryption and release it in nine different private formats, Titaniam is the answer that the market needs to address ransomware and extortion, insider threats, and data privacy enforcement.

Products & Services

  • Titaniam's OpenSearch Security Plugin

    The Titaniam data security platform converges 10 security and privacy controls into a single enterprise-grade solution, that delivers unprecedented security at a fraction of the price. With six modules covering the breath of enterprise architectures and out-of-the-box support for a full range of data security and privacy controls, Titaniam is the most powerful and versatile data security platform in the market today. Titaniam offers advanced data security controls like encryption-in-use, searchable encryption, and analyzable data tokenization. This includes a full breadth of controls, such as traditional and format preserving encryption, vaulted and vaultless data tokenization, static and dynamic masking, anonymization and a full range of key based controls such as BYOK and HYOK in a single solution.

    Titaniam’s AWS OpenSearch Security Plugin enables sensitive data to be indexed and searched while still retaining FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at all times, keeping your valuable data safe and ransomware and extortion proof.