OpenSearchCon 2022

Mon, May 09, 2022 · Natalie Broman, Daryll Swager, James McIntyre, Kris Freedain, Patti Juric


OpenSearchCon 2022

Be part of the first annual OpenSearchCon brought you by the OpenSearch project!

Don’t miss this free-to-attend, one-day conference that brings together users, developers, and technologists from across the open-source community for a day of learning, collaboration, and innovation with the the people and organizations that are shaping the future of the OpenSearch project. Explore real-world successes and new applications, connect with peers and partners who can help you solve today’s search challenges, and unlock the next phase of your OpenSearch journey.

This event will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 in Seattle at the beautiful Fremont Studios!

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Be there when the OpenSearch project leaders, contributors and partners take the stage to showcase how OpenSearch is changing the face of the open-source community. Hear from open-source experts and industry innovators as they dive deep into the topics that will enable you to maximize your use of open-source search and analytics software to ingest, search, visualize, and analyze data. You’ll also learn more about the OpenSearch roadmap for 2022 and beyond, how to get the most out of your project contributions, as well as gain insight into the future of machine learning within the framework of the OpenSearch project.

You can check out the full schedule, list of speakers and full list of topics we’ll be covering by visiting the conference website.

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Several OpenSearch partners are also exhibiting at the one-day event, providing attendees the opportunity to connect and learn more about the applications and services these partners have built around OpenSearch. This includes how they support organizations that are new to OpenSearch with everything from initial set up and implementation to fine tuning specific features based on individual use cases. Discover how these partners can help you build and deliver applications at scale, better understand and observe behaviors of applications and infrastructure, and ensure security and compliance while protecting against cyber attacks.

View a full list of OpenSearchCon exhibitors and take advantage of the opportunity to stop by for quick discussions and demonstrations.

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Interested in sponsoring this one-day inaugural event? As a sponsor of #OpenSearchCon 2022, you’ll have a front-row seat to connect with other open-source community members, expand your professional network, and build relationships while conducting peer-to-peer discussions, delivering short demonstrations, and gaining valuable insight from the community at large.

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