Partner Highlight: Enjoy OpenSearch one click installation with Hidora

Mon, Feb 07, 2022 · Pierrick Prost

Who we are

Hidora is an expert in providing custom solutions for all sizes of businesses. Hidora Cloud Hosting Solutions are just what you need if you want an efficient, secure and scalable cloud hosting solution that is tailored to your needs. We offer different plans that are scalable according to your specific requirements so you can find one that suits you best. Our PaaS help developers to host their applications in few minutes with DevOps philosophy.

Why choosing Hidora for your OpenSearch hosting?

With our partner Jelastic, we have integrated the deployment of the OpenSearch stack in every detail. We are currently able to offer you version 1.2.3. Also, redeploy functionality provides a simple update process. You can scale your OpenSearch cluster, extend the storage, add nodes in few seconds.

One click installation with the Topology wizard!

Take advantage of our customization interface to define the architecture of your cluster:

Hidora Topology wizard Cluster Dashboard

  • Activate or not OpenSearch-Dashboard and Logstash
  • Define how many nodes will be create on OpenSearch cluster
  • Assign public IPv4 or IPv6 or manage access through our Shared Load Balancer (SLB)
  • Scale nodes resources by managing in real time Cloudlet assignation

After being created, the OpenSearch node is available on port 9200 for internal communication between nodes of the environment and port 4848 for external services through the shared load balancer. The HTTP basic auth is used in both cases (password can be reset using the Reset Password button).

Hidora Password reset

All the interconnection configurations are done automatically - the solution is ready for usage out-of-the-box and does not need any manual configuration. Access to OpenSearch Dashboard is available by the same credentials as for the OpenSearch node.

Hidora Dashboard login

Enjoy one-click Beat agent addon

You already use Hidora for your accommodation and you want to monitor these with OpenSearch? We have an add-on to deploy agents in one click and thus report logs and metrics to the OpenSearch stack. Bringing a touch of observability to your environments has never been easier.

Hidora Elastic Beat agent addon

Manage easily your Logstash pipelines

Use internal file explorer to easily manage Logstash configuration. FTP addon can also be deployed to improve configuration management.

Manage easily your Logstash pipelines

Integrated monitoring for your environnement

Watch your cluster through the monitoring integrated to our platform, you will also receive alerts when there is a shortage of resources.

Integrated monitoring

Need to go even further?

We provide secure SSH access to your platform as well as the ability to work with custom Docker image to fine tune your cluster. The OpenSearch stack benefits from all the functionality available for other certified templates - dashboard file manager, Web SSH, dashboard log viewer, etc.

Go even further

Data Prepper APM is coming

The next version of our OpenSearch service will see the appearance of observability modules with Data Prepper, trace analytics bringing OpenTelemetry standard compatibility. As usual, the deployment will be done in one click though our wizard.

Pay per Use

The pricing model of Hidora is different from other cloud vendor. At Hidora, you pay only what you consume!

For example, you have created a 16Gb of RAM server, and you application consume only 2Gb of memory, you will pay only for 2Gb.

During peak loads, Hidora allocates more resources for applications and takes them back when they are no longer needed.

Hidora Pay per use

Hosted in Switzerland

Our data centers are located in SafeHost Datacenters certified ISO9001, ISO27001, ISAE3402 & PCIDSS which guarantee you exceptionally low risk of flooding, landslides or earthquakes. When it comes to confidentiality, Switzerland is one of the best countries for storing your data, due to the Data Privacy Law

Interested in OpenSearch Swiss Cloud service? Discover an ultra-fast solution and deploy your environment today.

Opensearch Swiss Cloud on