Meet your new OpenSearch Project Slack workspace

Mon, Apr 03, 2023 · Anandhi Bumstead, Nick Knize, Bill Beckler, Kris Freedain

The OpenSearch Project is happy to announce a new Slack community workspace to provide open communication channels for anyone interested in OpenSearch.

When we first introduced OpenSearch, we made a commitment to the community to “…collaborate and empower all interested stakeholders to share in decision making.” This milestone is the next step in making the OpenSearch Project a truly community-driven open-source project. With the new Slack workspace, collaborators and community members will have a way to chat directly with project maintainers and other members of the community. You can discuss new features, critical bug reports, and project governance directly with other OpenSearch Project stakeholders. Notifications about release announcements, feature freezes, and build failures will help to raise awareness and accelerate development momentum through more expedient lines of communication. With this launch the OpenSearch Project is dedicated to establishing a healthy and vibrant open-source community around the source code so many rely on for their search and analytics needs.

In addition to the OpenSearch Code of Conduct, the following are guiding principles for the new Slack workspace:

  • Open Communication – To facilitate better sharing of information, ideas, and announcements, all communication is encouraged to happen in the open project channels.
  • Safe and Inclusive – The workspace strives to be a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable participating.
  • Level Playing Field – All project maintainers and collaborators are created equal; feedback and proposals will be fully considered based on their benefits to the overall community—not based on who proposed them.
  • Full Transparency – All project maintainers are encouraged to use the Slack workspace along with the discussion forums and GitHub project repositories for all communication in order to discourage any closed-source discussions or development decisions.
  • No Sales Pitches – The OpenSearch Project Slack workspace is a place to discuss development of the project—not a place to sell things.

We are confident that these principles will help to facilitate open and transparent communication and promote early feedback on feature designs, implementation, and project governance and encourage brainstorming of new ideas in a safe and inclusive environment.

To get started today, head over to the Slack workspace page and sign up! Don’t forget to check out the communications page for guidelines and tips on getting the most out of the new workspace. We are thrilled to have you continue with us on this journey. Have fun, and we look forward to continuing to build a best-in-class project together!

As always, the OpenSearch Project forum is available for troubleshooting, support questions, event agendas, and interaction with others in the community. Go to for the latest blog posts and documentation. Subscribe to our Meetup group to join the latest meetings and local user groups. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest #OpenSearch news.