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You're viewing version 2.9 of the OpenSearch documentation. This version is no longer maintained. For the latest version, see the current documentation. For information about OpenSearch version maintenance, see Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy.

Search Relevance Stats API

Introduced 2.7

The Search Relevance Stats API provides information about Search Relevance plugin operations. The Search Relevance plugin processes operations sent by the Compare Search Results Dashboards tool.

The Search Relevance Stats API captures statistics for a one-minute interval during which it receives a request. For example, if a request is received at 23:59:59.004, statistics are collected for the 23:58:00.000–23:58:59.999 time interval.

To change the default time interval for which statistics are collected, update the searchRelevanceDashboards.metrics.metricInterval setting in the opensearch_dashboards.yml file with the new time interval in milliseconds. The opensearch_dashboards.yml file is located in the config folder of your OpenSearch Dashboards installation. For example, the following sets the interval to one second:

searchRelevanceDashboards.metrics.metricInterval: 1000 

Example request

You can access the Search Relevance Stats API by providing its URL address in the following format:


The OpenSearch Dashboards endpoint address may contain a port number if it is specified in the OpenSearch configuration file. The specific URL format depends on the type of OpenSearch deployment and the network environment in which it is hosted.

You can query the endpoint in two ways:

  • By accessing the endpoint address (for example, http://localhost:5601/api/relevancy/stats) in a browser

  • By using the curl command in the terminal:

    curl -X GET http://localhost:5601/api/relevancy/stats

Example response

The following is the response for the preceding request:

  "data": {
    "search_relevance": {
      "fetch_index": {
        "200": {
          "response_time_total": 28.79286289215088,
          "count": 1
      "single_search": {
        "200": {
          "response_time_total": 29.817723274230957,
          "count": 1
      "comparison_search": {
        "200": {
          "response_time_total": 13.265346050262451,
          "count": 2
  "overall": {
    "response_time_avg": 17.968983054161072,
    "requests_per_second": 0.06666666666666667
  "counts_by_component": {
    "search_relevance": 4
  "counts_by_status_code": {
    "200": 4

Response fields

The following table lists all response fields.

Field Data type Description
data.search_relevance Object Statistics related to Search Relevance operations.
overall Object The average statistics for all operations.
overall.response_time_avg Double The average response time for all operations, in milliseconds.
overall.requests_per_second Double The average number of requests per second for all operations.
counts_by_component Object The sum of all count values for all child objects of the data object.
counts_by_component.search_relevance The total number of responses for all operations in the search_relevance object.  
counts_by_status_code Object Contains a list of all response codes and their counts for all Search Relevance operations.

The data.search_relevance object

The data.search_relevance object contains the fields described in the following table.

Field Data type Description
comparison_search Object Statistics related to the comparison search operation. A comparison search operation is a request that compares two queries when both Query 1 and Query 2 are entered in the Compare Search Results tool.
single_search Object Statistics related to a single search operation. A single search operation is a request to run a single query when only Query 1 or Query 2, not both, is entered in the Compare Search Results tool.
fetch_index Object Statistics related to the operation of fetching the index or indexes for a comparison search or single search.

Each of the comparison_search, single_search, and fetch_index objects contains a list of HTTP response codes. The following table lists the fields for each response code.

Field Data type Description
response_time_total Double The sum of the response times for the responses with this HTTP code, in milliseconds.
count Integer The total number of responses with this HTTP code.
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