Part 2 - Tag Teaming Telemetry Data with Data Prepper & Fluent Bit

Join us for the second webinar in a multi-webinar series on how to build a fully open source, cloud native log analytics solution utilizing Fluent Bit and OpenSearch.

Developed by the OpenSearch team, Data Prepper is a server-side data collector capable of filtering, enriching, transforming, normalizing, and aggregating data for downstream analytics and visualization in OpenSearch Dashboards. Sounds a bit like Fluent Bit, yes?

While there are similarities, when used together Fluent Bit and Data Prepper enable powerful data pipelines that are highly scalable, resilient, and fully open source.

Take this opportunity to elevate your skills and join Anurag Gupta (Fluent Bit maintainer from Chronosphere) and Kevin Fallis (OpenSearch team at AWS) to learn how to:

  • Integrate Fluent Bit and Data Prepper to build telemetry pipelines
  • Understand when and how to apply transformations, filters, and redactions for optimal performance
  • Scale your pipelines effectively & efficiently
  • Build a fully open source, Cloud Native log analytics solution
  • [SPOILER ALERT] Utilize a new Fluent Bit plugin that makes integrating with Data Prepper even easier


Tuesday 4 June 2024 3:00pm