OpenSearch 2.15.0 Release Meetings

NOTE: This is a series, ending with the release of 2.15.0 - Please read carefully

Join the OpenSearch team for the open release meetings, so we can push 2.15.0 live as a community.

(hosts: Saurabh Singh, Peter Zhu, & Nate Boot)

Release OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards 2.15.0 - Tracking through Issue 4681

On-going release discussions in the #releases channel on the OpenSearch Project Slack instance

Release Schedule and Maintenance Policy

June 21st 2024 - 8AM PDT

  • Go / No-Go voting

June 24st 2024 - 8:30AM PDT

  • Go / No-Go voting

[Placeholder] June 25th 2024 - 2:00PM PDT

[Placeholder] June Pending 2024 - 8:30AM PDT

  • Retrospective - Let’s do a retro on the 2.15.0 release as a community.

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Monday 24 June 2024 8:30am

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