OpenSearchCon Videos Are Now Available

Mon, Dec 12, 2022 · Hannah Uselman

OpenSearchCon 2022 is now available on our YouTube channel! View demos and talks about observability, log analytics, speeding up your search, and much more!

Featuring Eli Fisher of the OpenSearch Project, Maria Hatfield of Dattell, Laysa Uchoa of PyLadies Munich and Aiven Oy, and Jonah Kowall of

The Art of the Possible with OpenSearch Anomaly Detection and UEBA

Lennart Koopmann, Founder & CTO, Graylog Get an overview of how OpenSearch components can be used to successfully detect anomalies for critical cybersecurity challenges (brute force attacks, data exfiltration, etc.) that are indicators of potential cyber threats for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

Getting Started with the OpenSearch Core Codebase

Nicholas Knize, OpenSearch Maintainer, Lucene Committer, and PMC Member Interested in contributing to OpenSearch? Curious how to get started? After this review of the OpenSearch Core, we hope you will walk away with a better understanding of the architecture and implementation so you can begin contributing today.

Creating the OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator

Ziv Segal, CEO & Co-Founder, Opster The OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator was the product of a unique, international collaboration by the open-source software community. We cover everything you need to know about the operator, including installation, hardware requirements and environment compatibility, and best practices. You’ll also learn about features such as out-of-the-box security, auto-scaling, upgrading sessions, blue-green deployments, and more.

Hundreds of Terabytes of Data

Daniel Doubrovkine, Principal Engineer, OpenSearch Prabhakar Sithanandam, Principal Engineer, OpenSearch In 2020 Pinterest was ingesting 1.7 TB of data daily, growing to 3 TB that year. Since then, data volumes haven’t just grown exponentially, they have exploded. Hundreds of TB per day is no longer some crazy number in 2022—you can draw a curve from there into the future. The big question now is not whether OpenSearch can support a few TB of data per day but, rather, what does OpenSearch need to look like to support hundreds of TB of data, and how soon? In this talk, we present and explore some disruptive ideas for the next decade of OpenSearch.

How Organizations Can Get the Most Out of Their OpenSearch Contributions

Jeff Zemerick, Search Relevance Consultant, OpenSource Connections OpenSearch being available under the Apache License provides exciting possibilities for contributing to the future of the project—but how do you get the most benefit from your contributions? We describe common pitfalls and best practices that will help you maximize your contributions to the OpenSearch Project so you’re able to get beyond just committing on code.

How to Do Microservice Observability with OpenSearch

Rafael Gumiero, Sr. Analytics Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Prashant Agrawal, Search Specialist Solutions Architect, Amazon OpenSearch Service Learn how to instrument, collect, correlate, and analyze traces along with log data from user frontends to service backends. We demo these concepts using OpenSearch, Open Telemetry, Fluent Bit, Data Prepper, and OpenSearch Kubernetes Operator.

Deploying OpenSearch Solutions on Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

Mehdi Bendriss, Senior Software Engineer, Canonical This session showcases a cloud-vendor-agnostic alternative to deploying and operating OpenSearch in a hybrid multi-cloud scenario. An open-source solution, the Charmed Operators, is used to achieve this. The end goal is to empower developers to use and operate OpenSearch solutions in production as well as to lower the adoption barrier.

Using Data Prepper for Observability Ingest

David Venable, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon Web Services Rajiv Taori, Principal Product Manager, Technical, Amazon Web Services Data Prepper is an open-source data collector for observability data as well as a standalone application that runs as a last-mile ingestor. Teams can create data pipelines in Data Prepper that receive events from their application hosts and ingest them into OpenSearch. Data Prepper provides stateful processing of trace data and log events to aggregate data before ingesting it into OpenSearch. It also provides a suite of processors to transform events before sending them to OpenSearch. In this session, we not only introduce you to Data Prepper, but we also walk you through some of the use cases it supports and provide guidance on how to use it for ingesting log and trace data into OpenSearch.

Speed Up Your Search: Concurrency and Merge Policies to the Rescue

Andriy Redko, Staff Software Developer, Aiven Oy Obtaining fast query times when dealing with large amounts of data in OpenSearch can be a challenge, and, unfortunately, there’s not a single solution that will work for all use cases. This talk explores two somewhat orthogonal, but closely related, techniques to address the problem available to the community as of OpenSearch 2.1.0.

Rediscover Your Data with a New Multimodal Search Capability

James Sharpnack, Senior Applied Scientist, AWS Xingjian Shi, Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon AI In modern search, our databases can be any modality—text, images, or tabular. In this session, we explore an approach to adding multimodal search capabilities to OpenSearch through AutoGluon, Amazon’s open-source AutoML software. Through multimodal embeddings, we’re able to perform semantic search and retrieve data based on its contextual meaning. We discuss how, with these embeddings, we can detect anomalous data and assess the similarities between datasets to improve our models.

OpenSearch Project Roadmap 2022 and Beyond

Charlotte Henkle, Senior Software Development Manager, OpenSearch The OpenSearch Project has grown tremendously over the past year. In this session, we take a look ahead at the OpenSearch roadmap and share more with you about what we have planned for the next release, the far-off foggy future, and everything in between.

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