A Thrilling Journey into Data-Driven Security Automation

Join us to find out how OpenSearch fuels a cutting-edge, data-driven approach to security automation, exploring how the data-generated can be used to enhance security use-cases resulting in increased visibility and insights.

OpenSearch plays a crucial role in managing datasets across various domains of IT including applications, networks, and infrastructure. Leveraging these datasets it supports a modern approach to data-driven automation, particularly in the area of security. In our session, we will delve into several applications of this method looking at how data can be utilised to perform just-in-time patching of assets, the generation of insights with continuous password hygiene reducing risks of compromise through poor password practices, and the use of historical data to inform automated decisions when granting network access.

OpenSearch has been instrumental in our ability to deploy numerous innovative security use-cases. By integrating OpenSearch with robust automation processes, we’ve managed to construct solutions that would have otherwise required additional technologies or tools. In this presentation, we aim to illustrate how OpenSearch can empower security teams to accomplish more with less whilst minimising the number of tools. By leveraging data-driven automation we were able to reduce manual processes and mitigate burnout among team members.


Monday, May 6 12:10pm-12:30pm in Moskau

Track: Analytics, Observability, and Security


Antony Charalambous photograph

Antony Charalambous

Head of Technical Service Delivery - SecureAck