Enhance Query Execution Visibility in OS with OpenTelemetry

OpenSearch users and business today seek for visibility and insights into execution of their queries. Due to the multi-phase and distributed nature of these queries, pinpointing resource utilization and time consumption, as well as identifying bottlenecks, becomes exceedingly complex.

Observability is the cornerstone of modern system monitoring and troubleshooting. In this session, we elucidate the pivotal role of observability in enhancing system reliability and performance. Delve into the three pillars of observability – Metrics, Logs, and Traces – gaining invaluable insights through real-world examples and use cases.

Embark on a journey through OpenTelemetry, the cutting-edge observability framework revolutionizing the landscape of monitoring and diagnostics. Understand the necessity of OpenTelemetry in modern distributed systems, unraveling its key concepts such as context propagation, signals, and instrumentations. Explore the robust architecture of OpenTelemetry and its seamless integration with OpenSearch components, paving the way for comprehensive end-to-end observability solutions.

Witness firsthand the practical application of OpenTelemetry within OpenSearch. Through insightful examples and code walkthroughs, learn how OpenTelemetry facilitates the effortless export of metrics and traces, offering unparalleled visibility into your OpenSearch clusters. Gain proficiency in leveraging OpenTelemetry to capture span and trace data, empowering you with actionable insights for optimizing system performance and reliability.


Monday, May 6 11:45am-12:05pm in Moskau

Track: Search


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Siddhant Deshmukh

Senior Software Engineer, AWS